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Robotech EP.3 Remake Tralier (CGI 3D)

2013-12-19 18:56:48 by Nanashi

Hello!  I finally have something worth posting (and showing)!  As very very few of you know, I've been slowly re-making my old Robotech flash animations, episodes 1-10.  Well, here is the trailer for episode 3.  It may kill me to finish it considering how long it has taken to get this far, and how much work each scene takes, but I simply MUST finish it.

Background on the project (Feel free to skip this if you aren't interested) I started back in 2010 on the 3rd episode, working in Flash as I had for all previous animations.  The problem was, I was rapidly outgrowing Flash and its limitations.  I had already started using 3D extensivly, but I had to limit the complexity of scenes and objects so that it would play smoothly on most computers.  By the time I finished 70% of the EP3 remake, my file size was something around 20 MB (beyond the upload limits back then) and far too complex for any computer not running a quad core. Right about then, Newgrounds was just starting to toy with allowing video submissions.  I had already received all the voice work from my cast, so I figured I'd just need to convert what I had and finish the last few scenes.  But since I was moving to raster animation, I nolonger had the same limitations, why not spice up the visuals a tiny bit?  Well, I got a bit carried away, and set a rather high standard on one of the new scenes.  This forced me to go back and bring the other scenes back up to speed. That cycle of improving one aspect, and rushing to bring the others up to match happend a few more times, such as my decision to move up to 720p.  You'll notice in the video, some scenes are still out of date.  You'll also notice that I've been improving models over time, so they change a bit from shot to shot.  It's a god damn mess, but I'm going to finish it anyway.

I'll shut up and get to the video now.  Please take a moment to thumbs it up if you enjoyed it at all.  I'm not monitizing it or anything, I'd just apreciate the feedback.  Comments are more than welcome too. P.S. Any Newgrounds Staff members, I was assuming posting this to Newgrounds would be considered bad form since it is a trailer.  Am I wrong?  Should I post it?  Let me know.PLEASE WATCH IN FULL SCREEN!  



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2013-12-20 01:27:57

Did the booster packs appear outside of Macross DYRL? Also, looks nice and Tomar did a great job with Gloval's voice, it's just like I remember it.

Nanashi responds:

If my memory can be trusted (Sketchy at best), the booster packs appear in the original TV seires much later. But in DYRL they have them already. Although the single-fighter fold device shown here is totally fictional.

Yeah, Tomar nailed it. I was super impressed. Actually, they all did great. While the others don't sound so much like the original characters, their skills make up for it.


2013-12-20 07:31:03

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. :3


2013-12-24 23:06:03

This looks badass. This is something to watch, especially since Frontier: Prelude to Darkness has been canceled.

Nanashi responds:

I wasn't aware of Prelude to Darkness. Etheir way, it is a shame that it was canceled. I liked frontier, save for how bright and colorful it was. My stuff is significantly darker.


2013-12-31 16:44:22

Badass! love your series since the start, looking forward to this.

Nanashi responds:

Sweet, thanks!