Need your music for TV/Radio show/Flash help!

2011-01-19 02:18:52 by Nanashi

Sorry for the crazy post name, but I've got a lot of subjects to cover. To save you time (because I love you all like that) I'll do a quick overview.

1) I'm hosting a new internet TV / Radio show
2) I'm looking for musicians and even artists who'd like their content to appear on the show
3) I really need some help with a flash animation that I can't seem to rescue
4) I'm going to shamelessly ask Tom to give my show a shout out on the front page

The new show
My new job (at the moment) is as co-host on a internet streaming video / radio show called newCAST. Our focus is comedy driven current events, and music. We have three live shows a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:15 PM CST), and on Thursdays we spend the whole show featuring a local band, or musician.
Why do you care? Because A) the show rocks, and B) I love Newgrounds and want to rep some of the people and things from it, on the show. For starters, we've already found the Audio Portal to be a great resource. We make skits, and when we need a (royalty free) song for said skit, we simply find one on the Audio Portal, and then ask that artist for permission to use it. In exchange, we don't just credit them, but we add them to our credit page so that people can find them years down the road. Our page only gets about a thousand hits a day, but hay, its free publicity!
If you make music, and you'd like us to use it on the show, send me a PM letting me know what music I can use. If I find something I like (and I'm not some hardcore music weirdo), I'll use it, and credit you! Hell, I might just feature you, and by that I mean, play a song, talk about it, and direct users to your webpage / newgrounds page.
If you are a flash animator who makes movies, I'm also interested in showing your stuff. Every Tuesday and Wednesday we like to play a skit. I'd also like to play a flash animation on those two days, and then direct anyone who's interested back to that animation's page. This turns our viewers into Newgrounds fans, and I'm hoping Newgrounds can do the same for us.

My Flash Problem
As many of you know, Flash CS5 is a bit spaztastic. I've got a HUGE animation just SCENES away from being finished and submitted, but I can't seem to rescue it! If I work on it, saving causes a crash every few times, and I also have to do the Save As trick to make it CS4, and keep it from corrupting. I'd LOVE to just make it into a bloody VIDEO, but I can't seem to find any export settings that don't A) Crash, B) Produce a blank video or C) Make a corrupt / distorted video. I don't want to resort to using Snag It to just record it as it plays, but I'm at a loss for options here.

Shameless Request
I've been trying to give back to Newgrounds since I got a free Wacom, and I haven't had much luck. I was either in Iraq, or out training to go back, and I never finished anything. Now that Newgrounds is going in a new (and quite justified) direction in regards to copyrighted content, I can't keep doing what I've been doing. I've said it before, and it still stands: Robotech Episode 3 Remake will be my last 'unoriginal' submission to Newgrounds, and that's only because I've almost finished it.
Until I can actually produce a new show, I'm planning on doing a little bit here and there plugging Newgrounds on my show. I'd like to feature Newgrounds animations from time to time, and use music from the Audio Portal, not just because they are amazing resources, but also to show people that there is AMAZING content out there that is under Creative Commons. There are a lot of talented musicians on Newgrounds waiting to be heard, and I feel like newCAST can help reach outside of the Newgrounds bubble.
My co-host and I would very much appreciate it if we could get a front page plug to help this cause, even if it just links to this post. At the moment, I'm living off this show, and unless our numbers improve, we won't be able to keep it up. Sponsors pay based on how many people watch the show. If anything, you could tell yourself you're helping a vet :P

Well on that slightly uncomfortable note, I shall bring this post to an end, but I will throw in a video of one of our skits, just for good measure.

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2011-01-19 12:44:05

Good luck, dude! I'm not a musician, but I animate little things from time to time. I have no idea whether or not anything I've made fits the bill, though. Are you only looking for certain types of Flash animations or are you willing to play anything?

As for the CS5 issues, it sounds like you're pretty stuck. I'm not sure what that "Save As trick to make it CS4" you referred to is, but I have CS4, which may or may not put me in a position to help. Would it be possible to transfer the animation into a file that was both made with and opens with CS4? Perhaps that will enable the export process to work properly.


2011-01-19 12:51:32

Also, as someone who's been wondering for quite a while about whether or not it's worth it to upgrade to CS5, I have to ask: Is it? Has your experience with CS4 been, on the whole, better or worse than that with CS5? I've heard that CS5 crashes frequently, but CS4 has its fair share of issues as well, and I'd appreciate some insight from someone who's had experience with both programs.

Nanashi responds:

CS4 is WAY more stable, but CS5 handles larger files better. There are little improvements all over CS5, but not enough to make it worth it if you ask me. It is nice that the 3D features, and bones have been improved a bit more, but its not enough. I'm thinking about downgrading.

The other change that helped me was, CS4 didn't handle flash files very efficiently. It would load the WHOLE damn thing into memory, which is a problem for me because my FLA files tend to be in the hundreds of MB. I'm really screwed because CS4 can't run the FLA for this animation, and CS5 can, but won't stop crashing long enough for me to work on it!